Working at home. A fascinating challenge

By Lorena C. Brown

What had begun as a way to get extra money for vacations and other pleasures owing to the fact that the salary I received for my work as a journalist did not allow me. Over the years became my only source of income. Today, living in another country and still going through my period of adaptation, I am still an editor and writer of independents articles.
Without leaving my house I work in my own office. I do what I like and I know to do, thanks to my vast experience in a newspaper. Of course, I still do not have the amount of clients I would like to have. A slow process requires new contacts. But social networks have become a
great tool to make me known in a new market.
Personally and at this point in my life, the two main benefits of working at home are. First, not driving and avoiding the stress that involves the traffic of a huge city, at least for me. Finally to set my own agenda, working hard on certain days to have the rest free.
However, it has not stopped being a challenge. At the beginning -around 2005-, it was necessary to balance the dependent work with the independent, with days of twelve hours shifts or more. Now, because it is essential to resist the temptations presented by the cell phone as the main source of distraction, respect the schedules established in my mind to complete the work of the day, especially when this involves getting out of bed at 6 am. The struggle to get new customers, which also requires an investment of time – in this case social networks are not a waste of time but an interesting and attractive point. marketin is the world. In this increasingly globalized planet, which the internet became small there are no limit, or very few, and that will depend on the type of business people go ahead with, because selling texts or books is not the same as selling cakes or pastry.
Even though one has the responsibility to carry out the work – to respect the delivery dates is one of the pillars to succeed working at home-, one is their own boss and nobody tells at what time should start and end a shift, either at what time take a break. It would be extremely good but at the same time it can be especially bad. The keyword: discipline.
For that, it is essential to set clear objectives -to write them is the best way to see them constantly- to commit to the company, which will not succeed if its own owner does not. Likewise, it is good to educate it own to broaden horizons. From searching information about the use of time to learning the niche of marking and other aspects related to ones business. Remember: A person cannot be its own boss if it does not work for its company, who will? No one!
Do you want to know more about the challenges, benefits and possibilities of working at home? With the writer and businesswoman Yeni Toro Go, we dedicate ourselves to the task of writing a book that will tell you about the harsh reality. Soon, very soon, you can read it …
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