What do I want?

What do I want?

Today my Top 3 has a theme that sounds trivial and scratched. Once again the matter of dreams?, some of you will ask. But it turns out that if you, my dear readers, are not able to answer this simple question of “what do I want?” in a paragraph of maximum five sentences in which you clearly express the reason of what you work for or why you wake up every morning, and in the last line provide a clear timeline to when your goals are going to be achieve; well, you simply do not have any idea of who you are and where you are going. Curious and funny is, when we see this question, many of us throw our shoulders back and make the typical eye rolling face thinking that we are sure of what we want.

Here goes my Top three for today:


This question is not answered with phrases like the following:

«I want the best for my children». No, it is blunt and it is asking you what it is that you want for yourself, not what you want for your loved ones. So if you are thinking of responding with a phrase similar to this one, I will at once clarify that the matter is not there.


“I want to be happy”, “I want a new car”, “I want a good job”, “I want a new job”, they are not right answers either. This type of response tells you that you are a volatile person and that you are not clear about most things in your life. I ask you then: how is your version of happiness? Yes, what is that makes you happy? What is the car of your dreams? yes it is necessary to clarify up to the color of the interior, the brand, and the model.


Knowing what you want should force you to think in detail, to touch the fiber of what you want, to be able to define, for example, the kind of man you want in your life. One of the most common mistakes when people make a Vision Board is to take a picture of their platonic love. For example the actor who performs Thor, Chris Hemsworth. I ask you, in addition to the muscles you see, what else do you know about this man? Do you know if he is a good father? Do you practice his same religion? Do you like sports as much as he does? And even better, do you know he is married? What you should put in your Vision Board is the exact description of the virtues that the man of your dreams should have. If it is included that it must have a six pack and light-colored eyes, then write it down.

By Yeni Toro Go

Note: To answer what you want, you must first ask yourself what you do not want. And if you want to go through this world as someone who lived the life you wanted to live, and still does not have a clear answer, you have a long way to go.



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