Vegetables, my favorites when creating art in my plate

People say that cooking is an art and such the characteristics and quality of the materials chosen have a clear impact on our final work. And every artist has his favorites. Personally, I like to work with vegetables in my kitchen. These give a fresh and delicious touch to my dishes.
Besides providing a more complete nutrition with the incorporation of roots, leaves, seeds, fruits, stems and bulbs to my recipes diners can build a nutritional plan that allows them to maintain both good health and an ideal weight. Enjoying a party on the palate, because each pitch of flavor and texture makes a difference in each bite.
Vegetables provide a wide range of nutritional benefits, they help to prevent diseases and collaborate with good intestinal functioning because they contain water, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates also, they are low in fat and protein. Among those who provide us with many vitamins are peppers, carrots, broccoli and spinach. Fruits in general provide a large amount of vitamins necessary to keep our bodies healthy. It is highly recommended that we get used to the daily intake of these vegetables and fruit. In our family life we ​​can create and maintain good habits.
Vegetables have always been part of family recipes. Many times, the same dish has differences flavors thanks to the touch of the artistic hands of our grandmothers whose secrets must be transmitted to the next generations to keep alive the delicious art and the passionate dance of raw materials in the heat of Pan and pans.
By accompanying vegetables with meat and fish, we can create exquisite dishes. Whoever cooks at home can cook them in an easy and simple way. Presenting attractive colors and shapes – own or created by the multiple utensils available in the market – to their guests, like a work of art.
Yes, cooking rich does not require complicated and elaborate recipes. It only takes a touch of imagination and new combinations, launching fearlessly into the world of flavors.
By Chef Jose Luis Rey
Pamela Muñoz Graphic Designer
Lorena C. Brown Co-writing and Editing
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