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I’ve been listening to this podcast regularly, it’s worth it, honestly. If you are an entrepreneur and your time is very limited for reading. I recommend you to do one of my routines: when I wake up, the first thing I do is my thanks prayer, then take out my cell phone, go to the podcast and start. While doing my routine, I nourish my brain with excellent material and, being honest, I do have some favorite episodes and I listen to them once or twice a week.
Without further ado, here goes my Top 3 today:
The creator and narrator of the podcast is the entrepreneur Luis Ramos, a man who has taken the time to read the “Library of Alexandria” books for entrepreneurs in all topics and perspective writings to date. The best, as he says on his website, is that he has put himself into the job of experimenting if everything they say works or not, and with that knowledge has created one of the most successful podcasts #businessworldnowadays.
I take my hat off, because this man knows how to communicate, and that is the key to success when we talk about creating this kind of content, where the visual part disappears completely. Besides knowing how to communicate, he manages an excellent narrative and knows how to connect his experiences with the content of the books he quotes, managing to give very coherent and pleasant information. To be more explicit, it is not makes us sleepy to listen to it, it has endeavored to educate his intonation to keep you attentive, since a podcast that has episodes of up to more than an hour requires great skills in the creation of discourse.
Here I’m going to copy almost literally his #intro: you have been devoted to select the best books on the market, the content of the entire podcast is #free, yes, completely free, and he gives you a summary with the steps to follow. In his words, “the best of the best and we’ll give it a good chew to be applied …”. What else can be asked for?
By Yeni Toro Go
Note: If after reading this article you, my dear entrepreneur reader, do not take advantage of this information, let me tell you with certainty that we will not meet ourselves at the next level. I am going to be there.
By Yeni Toro Go
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