Top 3 Games of thrones

Episode three, eighth season

Apparently, the episode will remain in the collective of all followers #forever. Some disappointed, others in love. I took the time to read as many reviews from both sides as I could, especially after stumbling upon a wave of articles that proclaim that this episode and the season were a total disappointment. I can say that I’m on the side of the ones who love it.

Today I’m going to take several references in the responses of the followers.

Here goes my top three for today:


Why the great characters of the series did not die?, or at least a great majority? I do not understand how people ask for a bigger massacre that the one we saw, and I notice in this type of comments a lack of understanding of the story. This was just a battle, the mother of all battles I hope is against Cersei, she was always very clear that whatever remains is what she will face and she will be “armed to the teeth”.


Continuing with the previous questions, some asked for an epic battle. I understand that for a situation of this caliber to occur, both contenders must have epic warriors and, as far as I know, the King of the Night has only rotting bones in his army that follow the order to march, attack and nothing more, that is what I call a bunch of pawns without a brain.


Little Arya Stark gave us a death #fast, by killing the King of the Night with one unexpected twist- the only brain of this great movement – fighting the whole episode, as some of us expected. I also think that the character made his part. It was clear what the character wanted and what he wanted was to win, so if I want to win and I come out alive, I will not be that stupid to expose myself. That was clear when the King of the Night was getting chase by Jon Snow so by raising some new corpses he got rid of the “The flea that was annoying for him”. Arya surprised all of us by “being more silent than the drop of her own blood”. I jumped from the emotion when I saw the pieces of ice exploding everywhere. after Arya nailed her dagger in the right place to the King of the Night, in just one single attempt.

For me this episode was perfect, period.

By Yeni Toro Go

Note: If you are going to answer, first relax, I will receive comments from both sides with respect.



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