Top 3 Avengers: Endgame

If you want your children to learn valuable life lessons, it’s time to take your wallet out, buy enough food, but, not many beverages, and go with them to watch the movie.  – nothing worse than having to take your little one to the bathroom in the middle of one of the best scenes. Not to say this movie is full of great scenes and excellent content-. The movie is a total enjoyment on the big screen. So, go buy the movie when it’s available and watch it at home as many times as you wish.

Today I will talk about this film but from a mother’s perspective. Resilience is the hidden word throughout the movie

Here goes my Top three for today.


The Hulk, one of the most loved characters by children, and it is easy to identify why is this. Children does not control their emotions, they are in the process of learning. Mastering and understanding frustration is something that for some people would take their entire lives. The Hulk remains in the imaginary world of the child without any effort, is very easy to identify with him while being young. But The Hulk of this movie has gone to the next level. Controlling his emotions and staying with the best of the two characters that divide him -the intelligent-rational and the explosive-strong-. Boom!, as the kids would say, we have just been given the best coach, and from now on we will hear all the mothers in the world say: son, you must learn to control yourself like The Hulk. The best reference in the matter.


Iron Man, the cocky rich man who has his ego on top of Mount Everest, but cannot overcome and control his fears;  in this film he does overcome himself, by having one of the greatest gifts for the human being: a family, a wife and a daughter, who gave him back the sense of purpose and meaning while thinking about others and not just himself. This is not only a lesson for children, or teenagers, but also for trendy young people who do not approve family construction and the positive effects that creates in a person (let’s leave the issue of dysfunctional families for another time).


Thor, the God, the guy who can do everything and who is predestined to reign. Has the ability to resilience in the dumps and cannot overcome the loss and grief.  Even for my husband it was a wonderful lesson, as soon as he appeared on the screen, I could told him that even the most handsome guy would look ugly with a protruding belly, hahaha!.  But what does that belly reflect? Neglect, lack of coherence, stagnation. A God that used to have everything, does not learn to overcome the loss and frustration. And this is a lesson for parents: beware of raising “emperors” (you can google the term to understand it). The son who receives everything always, is the son who takes the path of suicide and other ills faster, is the son who does not learn to fight for his own and to value what he has. Thor is not capable of valuing life.

To not make this article any longer, I leave it here, but I will wait your comments and contributions.

By Yeni Toro Go



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