Killer Marksmanship.

If my brother Bernardo had been born at this time, he would surely have been diagnosed for having ADHD or hyperactivity, but by the time he was born he was just another child full of energy. Nowadays seems like parents to minimize the accountability of their actions over their children have made a deal with the therapists and have begun to diagnose all kind of childhood diseases like the recipes of a cookbook.

Truth, my brother could not sit still. Ating while jumping in the chair wouldn’t stop anytime. I think that all that vitality and sweat saved him from getting all the diseases a kid goes through as a child and most of us went through, because nowadays vaccines have done their job well too.

Imagine my mother, with four children and a house on her shoulders. For her benefit, the three eldest were women, but the youngest. My brother sometimes drove her crazy. my little brother was an expert, stealing tomatoes and inventing as many devices as possible.  -I will tell you more about him another time-. One day, like so many others my brother and his jumps were going in and out from home, and each entry was one less tomato. At first the subject was taken as something funny: “the child likes tomatoes”, “good”, “is well fed”, you could hear my parents say, but the tomatoes were running out and he kept going out and in stealing them. The matter began to season a bit bitter.

My parents caught his attention once, twice and even three, but my brother’s red and sweaty cheeks kept getting between my parents’ legs and getting a new tomato each time. My mother, in a slightly exaggerated reaction -in my family we are a little dramatic … or maybe a lot -,  tried to scare him, without remembering that her aim is more than perfect. My brother managed to take out the last tomato and was about to take it to his mouth when from the other side of the room we saw my mother take her high-heeled shoe and throw it towards him. The heel hit right on my brother’s right temple, knocking him to the ground and making the tomato roll out of his reach. My mother gave a terror scream. A couple seconds later my mother was right by Bernardo’s side, who was half knockout. While my brother was recovering from the pain my mother filled him it with kisses and returned the tomato to him.

Every time I remember this moment, I die out of laughter, the pathetic laughter that you usually have when a brother is the victim of some scolding … At the and the bandit lad managed to get away with it.

By Yeni Toro Go

Note: My wonderful mom and her killer marksmanship got several trophies and I do not mean medals from any competition … You will understand me or will imagine it.



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