Paternity beyond genes

Welcome father’s month

The day was perfect, sunny, the light breeze flapped smoothly my skirt but my guts burned. Jorge appeared at the door with unusual paleness. A couple of glances between him, I and the curls of my eldest daughter who at that time was four, mourned us immediately. I was looking at her clever eyes in the rearview mirror of the car. I knew my daughter was plotting her affairs in the petrifying silence of her child’s mind. So it was. when the three of us got out of the car and during the next three hours that felt like eternity, Sophia devoted herself to do everything she could do to chase Jorge away from me. She stepped on jorge, bit him, threw the food on him… After two hours when I felt like the worst mother in the world by exposing my little girl to that unnecessary situation, I decided to tell jorge that it was time for us to get back home.
Jorge park the car, a three doors car that he was driving back then. Sophia very clever decided to step off by his side, and to make clear that he was stepping on quicksand and she was willing to bury him for life in them. She threw the door on his face, hard enough for me to think the car door turned to a revolving door
Giving long strides Sophia reached the main entrance of my mother’s house. knocking the door a few times but hard enough for my mother to opened fast. To me it was heartbreaking because I liked Jorge a lot, but Sophia and I were one. She was above everything and everyone. The frustration and discomfort that Jorge was feeling was noticeable up to the smell of his sweat. I turned to him and said, “There is no need for you to live this, you are single, free, with cero responsibilities. I on the other hand traced my life. Sophia only seeks to defend all she have. I can only go and hug her, let her know that I will not leave. I am of her, as she is mine”. I got out of the car and left him free.
The next morning started like every Monday. I loved taking Sophia to school before heading to work, we used to walk while my girl sang a thousand songs; those memories are epic. The evening did not end the same way as always. At 6:30 pm someone knocked on the door. I opened the door and Jorge was there with a coloring book and a box of crayons newly purchased. He came in and sat next to Sophia to color with her forever…
It’s been 14 years and Sophia sleep like Jorge, she thinks like him, tells him everything first, snores like him, puts on the jackets he gets.
Thank you wonderful husband, for being the best father in the world. We love you.
By Yeni Toro Go
Pamela Muñoz Diseñadora Gráfica

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