Community is built when you work with it

I do not believe in the formula of giving just to give. I have learned that education is the only way to change. I come from an education designed for the competition, focused on proving who is the best in the class, the street, the team, the neighborhood, etc. everything around me was built on that premise. To come to live in a country where the vision focuses on mutual help has given me the opportunity to unlearn the lessons that I came with.
Today I am part of the FINANTA family and I have learned thanks to the teachings of this institution, that progress in the United States is the same as working as a team. Santander Bank and FINANTA work with the community in the discipline of creating a community that understands the vision of this country. A community that is known for itself, that feels it’s joys, it’s sorrows, that learns to walk hand by hand.
Based on that vision, they invite us to events that allow us to grow. For this particular event, we received the call as the “Ella Emprende” Group (enterprising women willing to train to reach their goals and create their companies) to participate with the community and create a mural.
We came to help the artist Betsy Casanas to paint a large mural at the facilities of Concilio, which will be part of one of Santander’s Bank branches. When I took the brush and concentrated on filling a space of the work in green, I felt like all the heaviness on my back decided to jump out of my body. ten minutes later I was dancing and smiling next to a bunch of people who were strangers some minutes before starting painting.
Then the photo session came, the speech, the food and the words of the hosts who between English and Spanish were intertwined to make a new language. The shyness was staying in a corner and we all connect to each other feeling like a family.
Thanks to the Santander Bank family, to Natalia Domínguez, FINANTA, to the artist Betsy Casanas -creator and participant-, to my partners of Ella Emprende and to all the people who made this afternoon a reason to leave the stress out and work to “make community”.
By Yeni Toro Go

Pamela Muñoz Graphic Designer
Lorena C. Brown Editor
Be Latino WebSite and Social Media

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