A clean mind

When I think of “a clean mind” in the world that we live in today, it seems impossible for a human being who is exposed to TICs 24/7 to keep his mind clean. But for a few years now, people are beginning to seek desperately how to stay clean. Many examples of this we can see in growing businesses such as vegan food, disposable cardboard, menstrual cups (which are impossible for me), and the movements that complaint the dirty moves with the algorithms of companies like YouTube in which to achieve more earnings, attract nasty markets like pedophiles.

Here goes my Top three for today:


If you are looking to focus your mind and energy to achieve a purpose, my invitation is to be cautious with the use of social media platforms, by this I mean Messenger, WhatsApp, and others. They are the new time thieves, and they know how to do it well. people in WhatsApp groups have sent to lynch people all around the world, so be careful with this.


Choose a certain time of the day to review your Social Media, and then forget about it. This is a basic concept to be able to keep your mind alert on to what is important and healthy.


Do not keep to yourself what you do not like, learn to express dissatisfaction. which leads to something important: choose your circle of friends very well, surround your own environment with people that you would emulate. Be demanding.

By Yeni Toro Go

Note: Staying clean is the same as staying focused: it’s in your hands.



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